Collection: Odyssey White Steel 2-Ball Putter

Unveil a new chapter in your golfing journey with our range of Odyssey White Steel 2-Ball Putters. Known for superior alignment and excellent feel, these putters promise to enhance your performance on the green.

The Odyssey White Steel 2-Ball Putter collection at Next Round Golf offers a unique opportunity for golfers seeking a blend of tradition and innovation in their game. Each putter in our collection is designed with the latest technology to ensure a better alignment and an exceptional feel, promising to add a significant advantage to your putting game.

The Odyssey White Steel 2-Ball Putter stands out in the golf industry for its distinctive 2-Ball alignment system. This innovative system allows golfers to visualize the line to the hole more accurately, making it easier to maintain a consistent and accurate stroke.

One of the prominent features of this putter is the White Steel technology. It merges the precision and accuracy of milled steel with the feel and distance control of the White Hot urethane insert. The resulting dual-layer insert provides superior performance on the green, offering players a perfect balance of responsiveness and consistency.

Also noteworthy is the putter's high MOI design, which contributes to increased stability during the stroke. This makes it ideal for minimizing any twisting at impact, ensuring your shots stay on your intended line.

At Next Round Golf, we're dedicated to helping you enhance your game, which is why we offer a diverse selection of the Odyssey White Steel 2-Ball Putters. Whether you're a professional golfer or a passionate amateur, you'll find these putters to be game-changers. So, explore our collection today and experience the precision and balance of the Odyssey White Steel 2-Ball Putter.