Most of our pictures are of the actual club/ set/ or bag that is for sale. If we are using a representative photo, it will be noted in the description. We give each club the TLC it needs (cleaning, regripping, etc.) before taking pictures to add to each listing.

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Condition Scale

Our goal is to accurately rate our items according to the condition scale outlined below. Since rating condition is not an exact science, please be sure to view the photos of the item prior to purchasing.


These clubs have very little cosmetic wear. These may have been gifts that were never played, or store demos that have only been hit only a few times. Some are even still in the plastic.


These clubs have seen minimal time on the course. Typical cosmetic wear may include a few ball marks faintly visible on the face and/or a few minor nicks and scratches and grips will be in top shape. Vintage and collectible clubs may show a little bit more wear, but will be remarkably clean for their age.


These clubs are in above average condition for their age and have been well-maintained. Typical wear includes ball marks and scratching on the face, sole and crown, as well as minor paint chips and blemishes from normal use.


These clubs are in average condition for their age. They have been well played by their former owner, and show cosmetic wear including scratches, nicks, and paint chips on the face, sole, and crown.


Playable out of the box, value clubs have plenty of life left in them and are a great choice for anyone looking for a great deal or would like to just try something new. These clubs show moderate to heavy cosmetic wear on the face, sole, crown and/or shaft, and may have prominent paint chips, faded or missing brand badges, deep scratches, and small dings. Despite their appearance, these imperfections are cosmetic and will not affect performance.

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