Collection: Used Odyssey Putters

Discover our impressive selection of high-quality, used Odyssey Putters at unbeatable prices. Browse our collection of pre-owned golf clubs to improve your putting game and lower your scores. Our inventory includes options for beginners and seasoned players alike. Don't miss out on these great deals!

Discover our exceptional collection of used Odyssey putters, expertly designed to elevate your golf game by providing outstanding performance and precision at a fraction of the price of new clubs. Odyssey, a prominent brand in the golf industry, is renowned for its advanced technology and superior craftsmanship, producing some of the most sought-after putters in the market. Our carefully curated selection of pre-owned Odyssey putters caters to golfers of all abilities, delivering excellent value without compromising on quality for tour players and weekend hackers alike.

Our range of used Odyssey putters includes popular models such as the White Hot OG, O-Works, Stroke Lab, and Triple Track series, each recognized for their impressive performance, feel, and consistency. These putters have been skillfully engineered to help golfers improve their putting accuracy and distance control, ultimately leading to lower scores. Whether you prefer a mallet putter or blade putter, Odyssey has the right club for you.

When browsing our used Odyssey putter collection, you can expect to find clubs that feature:

Multi-Material Stroke Lab Shaft: Enhancing the putter's weight distribution for improved consistency and stroke tempo, leading to better putting performance.

Advanced Face Technologies: Utilizing the legendaryWhite Hot insert technology and materials to promote a soft feel, optimal roll, and improved distance control across the putter face.

High MOI Designs: Ensuring increased forgiveness and stability, even on off-center hits, for more consistent ball striking and accuracy.

Alignment Aids: Offering various alignment options to help golfers set up correctly and make more confident strokes.

At Next Round, we are committed to providing the best value for our customers when it comes to used Odyssey putters. We thoroughly inspect and clean each club in our collection to ensure it meets our high standards for quality and playability. Our pre-owned Odyssey putters deliver exceptional performance and dependability, enabling you to enhance your golf game and sink more putts with confidence.

Our extensive range of used Odyssey putters offers something for every golfer, regardless of skill level or budget. Browse through our selection today and discover the perfect putter to complement your unique stroke and playing style. Experience the unrivaled performance and value of Odyssey putters at unbeatable prices, and transform your golf game without breaking the bank.