Collection: Used Ping Wedges

Refine your short game with our collection of Ping Wedges. This range includes notable models like the Ping Glide 3.0, renowned for its versatility and feel, and the Ping G410, praised for its forgiveness and control.

Refine your approach shots with our wide selection of Used Ping Wedges. These clubs are expertly designed to give you the precise control you need for a successful short game. Ping is a respected brand known for integrating top golf technology into their clubs, and these wedges are a testament to that. Delivering exceptional control and a high spin rate, they are a favored choice amongst golfers of various skill levels.

At Next Round, we recognize the crucial role that a reliable wedge can play in your golf game. Our collection of Used Ping Wedges is handpicked to assist you in perfecting your short game, whether that's honing your chip shots or improving your bunker exits.

Explore our online collection of Used Ping Wedges today, and uncover the game-changing difference these clubs can provide. At Next Round, we're committed to providing superior golf equipment that empowers you to excel in every round. Find your ideal wedge in our collection today.