Next Round was founded by a group of golf enthusiasts with the goal of getting more clubs and players out on the course. Our Richmond, Virginia headquarters houses an extensive collection of over 13,000 gently used golf products from top manufacturers. We source our inventory through trade-in events nationwide, ensuring each club undergoes rigorous inspection and maintenance to restore its glory. Our diverse range caters to every golfer, from beginners to pros, and our seamless online platform guarantees next-day shipping, bringing the best of golf directly to your doorstep.

Our vision is to revolutionize golf by “playing it forward”. We believe in breaking down barriers and opening the fairways to players of all ages and skill levels, creating a golfing community that welcomes everyone. Our commitment is not just to the game of golf but to fostering a spirit of inclusivity and joy in every swing, drive, and putt. Join us in our mission to spread the joy that the game of golf brings; where every player, regardless of background, can find their place and passion in the game.

We stand by the quality of our clubs with a steadfast commitment to excellence. Our confidence in our products is reflected in our customer-friendly policies, including free 30-day returns for a full refund. Additionally, our unique online trade-in program exemplifies our dedication to reducing waste and promoting sustainability in golf.

At Next Round, we do more than just sell golf clubs; we're deeply invested in the future of golf. Our partnership with First Tee, backed by a $100,000 commitment, exemplifies this dedication. Together, we're shaping a new generation of players, instilling essential life values like integrity and perseverance. This collaboration extends beyond the green, impacting lives through community initiatives and partnerships with organizations including PGA Section Foundations, demonstrating our love for the game and our desire to nurture its growth for future generations.

Join us in our journey to keep the spirit of golf alive and thriving. For any inquiries or to become a part of our community, feel free to reach out at or through our website contact form. Together, let's drive the future of golf forward.