Collection: TaylorMade rac TP Wedge

Next Round Golf offers a range of TaylorMade RAC Black TP Wedges, known for their exceptional precision and professional-grade design.

TaylorMade RAC Black TP Wedges, available at Next Round Golf, are engineered for golfers who demand precision and control in their short game. These wedges incorporate advanced design principles and technology, delivering a superior playing experience.

The TaylorMade RAC Black TP Wedges are noted for their distinctive design, combining a classic aesthetic with modern performance features. The RAC (Relative Amplitude Coefficient) technology in the wedges ensures an excellent feel and touch, allowing golfers to confidently approach shots around the green.

One of the standout features of these wedges is the milled 'Y' groove design. These grooves provide excellent spin control, allowing players to control their shots more effectively, whether they're executing a high-flying pitch shot or a low-running chip.

These wedges also feature a classic teardrop head shape and a tour-configured sole, making them a favored choice among professionals and amateur players alike. The raw Tour Van finish gives the RAC Black TP wedges a standout appearance, while also increasing durability and reducing glare.

All our used TaylorMade RAC Black TP Wedges undergo a comprehensive inspection and grading process, so you can be confident in the quality of the product you are receiving.

For golfers seeking the perfect blend of control, feel, and professional-grade performance, the TaylorMade RAC Black TP Wedges are a fantastic choice. Browse the selection available at Next Round Golf today.