Collection: TaylorMade ATV Wedges

The TaylorMade ATV Wedge is available at Next Round Golf. With a unique design for an array of shots, this club allows you to handle any situation on the course with ease.

Up your short game with the TaylorMade ATV Wedge, available now at Next Round Golf. Designed for versatility, the ATV (All-Terrain Versatility) Wedge is a tool of choice for golfers who desire a club that can handle a variety of situations.

The TaylorMade ATV Wedge shines in its adaptability, featuring a unique sole design that changes the bounce angle depending on how the club is addressed to the ball. This offers golfers the ability to hit a variety of shots — from chips, pitches, flops, bunker shots, to full swing shots — all with the same club.

This wedge also showcases TaylorMade's renowned groove technology. The ATV Wedge utilizes micro-texture across the face and traditional grooves to promote added spin for control and precision. These features ensure that whether you're in the rough, fairway, or sand, you'll experience consistency in spin and launch.

The used TaylorMade ATV Wedges offered at Next Round Golf come in a range of lofts, suitable for players at all skill levels. Each club undergoes a careful inspection and grading process, ensuring that you receive a high-quality, reliable golf club.

Improve your adaptability on the golf course with the TaylorMade ATV Wedge. Start browsing at Next Round Golf today to find the right club to enhance your game.