Collection: Ping Tour-S Wedges

Discover the precision and performance of the Ping Tour-S Wedges in our collection at Next Round Golf. These clubs are designed for high-spin and versatility, making them perfect for advanced players looking to improve their short game.

Step up your short game with the high-spin performance of the Ping Tour-S Wedges, available now at Next Round Golf. These wedges are designed with advanced players in mind, offering exceptional versatility and precision to elevate your performance on the green.

Ping Tour-S Wedges feature a machined face and grooves, a design that increases interaction with the ball and enhances spin control. This is crucial for shots around the green where precision is paramount.

Moreover, the club is constructed with a high toe design which elevates the center of gravity for controlled trajectory. The versatile sole design with a rounded lead edge allows for playing various types of shots with ease, from open-face shots to flop shots.

The Tour-S series also incorporates Ping’s Custom Tuning Port (CTP) with an elastomer insert, which not only optimizes the club's feel and sound but also provides excellent vibration damping for a more comfortable shot.

At Next Round Golf, we ensure each club undergoes a meticulous inspection and grading process, so you receive clubs of the highest quality. Elevate your performance on the green with the superior control and versatility of the Ping Tour-S Wedges.