Collection: Ping M/B Wedges

The Ping M/B Wedges in our collection at Next Round Golf offer an excellent balance of playability and precision. They are designed for advanced golfers seeking increased control over their short game.

At Next Round Golf, we carry a selection of the finely crafted Ping M/B Wedges, made for the advanced golfer who demands greater control over their short game. These wedges deliver precision, playability, and the impressive feel that accomplished players crave.

The Ping M/B Wedges feature a classic shape with high-performance grooves and a versatile sole design. This enables the golfer to execute a variety of shots with greater confidence, whether playing from the fairway, rough, or sand.

The meticulously machined grooves provide optimal spin, offering you increased control on approaches, chip shots, and pitches. These wedges are also designed with a compact, teardrop-shaped head that enhances versatility and allows for more precise shot shaping.

Further enhancing the feel and performance of these wedges is Ping's Custom Tuning Port (CTP) which is positioned in the back cavity. This design helps to provide a solid feel at impact, while the elastomer CTP insert helps to reduce unwanted vibrations for a better feel and sound.

Each Ping M/B Wedge in our collection goes through a rigorous inspection process to ensure you receive a club that meets the highest standards of quality. Improve your short game precision with the reliable performance of the Ping M/B Wedges, available now at Next Round Golf.