Collection: Ping B60 Putter

Our collection at Next Round Golf features a selection of the widely acclaimed Ping B60 Putters. These putters offer excellent balance and feel, making them ideal for golfers seeking to improve their short game.

Next Round Golf is proud to present a collection of Ping B60 Putters, renowned for their exceptional balance and feel. These putters have been designed to provide golfers with the tools they need to elevate their game on the greens.

Introduced as part of Ping's classic putter line, the Ping B60 Putter has earned its place in the golfing world due to its proven performance and exceptional design features. Its distinctive design, with a single alignment line, offers a clear and precise setup, aiding golfers in achieving more accurate putts.

Constructed with high-quality materials and innovative technology, the Ping B60 Putter features a heel-toe weighting system, delivering excellent balance that allows for a smooth and consistent stroke. Its design promotes confidence and control, giving players the assurance they need when facing crucial putts.

At Next Round Golf, we understand the importance of a reliable putter in any golfer's bag. That's why we offer a range of Ping B60 Putters, ensuring that every golfer can find a putter that fits their unique style and performance needs. Whether you're a seasoned player looking to enhance your short game or a beginner keen on improving your skills on the greens, the Ping B60 Putter is an excellent choice.

Explore our collection of Ping B60 Putters today, and experience the enhanced control and precision that this exceptional putter can bring to your game.