Collection: Nike VR-S Covert Driver

Our selection of the Nike VR-S Covert Drivers includes this versatile and innovative driver designed to maximize distance and control for all golfers. Known for its adjustable loft settings and unique cavity back design, the VR-S Covert is a standout choice for any player.

Nike's VR-S Covert Driver features cutting-edge design and technology, making it a favorite among golfers. Its adjustable loft settings allow for customized trajectory and optimal distance, while the unique cavity back design provides unprecedented forgiveness.

The VR-S Covert Driver stands apart due to its innovation and versatility. With its FlexLoft adjustability system, players can fine-tune their loft and face angle to match their swing and course conditions. The cavity back design redistributes weight to the heel and toe of the club, ensuring stability and forgiveness on mis-hits.

At Next Round Golf, we offer a collection of quality used Nike VR-S Covert Drivers. Each club undergoes a thorough inspection process to ensure you receive a quality product at an exceptional value.

Improve your game with the adjustability and innovative design of the Nike VR-S Covert Driver. Shop at Next Round Golf for your next favorite club.