Collection: Nike Sasquatch 460 Driver

Discover the benefits of the Nike SasQuatch 460 Driver in our impressive collection. Praised for its unmatched forgiveness and distance, this Nike driver is perfect for golfers of all skill levels.

Nike has always been a major player in sports equipment, and golf is no exception. With the Nike SasQuatch 460 Driver, you'll discover a club designed for power and forgiveness, perfect for enhancing your golf game.

The SasQuatch 460 Driver features a deep face and a large, round geometry. Its high moment of inertia (MOI) ensures forgiveness on off-center hits, and the graphite shaft reduces weight while increasing swing speed. The result? Longer, straighter drives and a more confident golf game.

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Experience the unique blend of power and precision that the Nike SasQuatch 460 Driver offers. Browse through our collection at Next Round Golf, your one-stop shop for premium used golf clubs.