Collection: Cleveland CBX Wedge

Discover the incredible variety of Cleveland CBX Wedges in our collection at Next Round Golf. These wedges are specially designed to provide enhanced forgiveness and precision to your short game.

Welcome to Next Round Golf, your one-stop shop for premium golf clubs designed to take your game to the next level. Among our top selections are the Cleveland CBX Wedges, expertly designed to offer both forgiveness and precision, helping golfers achieve more consistent results around the green.

The Cleveland CBX Wedge is designed with cavity back golfers in mind. This means it's built to provide the forgiveness of a cavity back iron with the precision and playability of a wedge. Its unique design allows for better shot dispersion, especially on off-center hits, giving you the confidence to perform under various course conditions.

Engineered with advanced technology, the Cleveland CBX Wedges boast a Dual-V Sole Grind, which enhances interaction with the turf for smoother and faster swings. Additionally, the Rotex Face technology improves spin control and consistency, making these wedges an invaluable tool for any short game situation.

Available in a variety of lofts to match your needs, our collection of Cleveland CBX Wedges caters to golfers of all skill levels. These clubs embody Cleveland's commitment to quality, offering a balance of enhanced forgiveness, control, and feel.

Explore Next Round Golf's collection of Cleveland CBX Wedges today, and see the difference that a well-crafted wedge can make in your performance. Here at Next Round Golf, we believe that the right golf equipment can transform your game. Start your journey to improved scores today.