Collection: Cleveland 588 Tour Action Wedge

Our collection at Next Round Golf features the well-crafted Cleveland 588 Tour Action Wedges, which are highly revered for their outstanding precision and consistent performance on the greens.

Explore the selection of Cleveland 588 Tour Action Wedges here at Next Round Golf, where we cater to all your golfing needs with high-quality equipment. These well-engineered wedges are renowned in the golfing community for delivering outstanding precision and consistency, enhancing your performance on the greens.

The Cleveland 588 Tour Action Wedge is built with decades of tour-tested designs and innovative technologies. It features a tour-validated shape that promotes optimal performance and provides a clean, classic look at address, instilling confidence in every shot you make.

The defining feature of the Cleveland 588 Tour Action Wedge is its precision milled face, which provides a higher level of surface roughness for increased spin and improved control, especially on shots from the rough or sand. This extra spin can make the difference between a good shot and a great one, allowing you to place the ball closer to the pin with more consistency.

In addition to the milled face, the wedge boasts a larger grooves design that allows for enhanced contact and further spin control. These carefully designed grooves conform to all conditions and regulations, ensuring that your play is always at its best.

Whether you are looking for a wedge that can handle delicate chips, full swings, or high-stakes bunker shots, the Cleveland 588 Tour Action Wedge is up to the task. It delivers the performance demanded by professionals and is well-suited to golfers of all skill levels seeking to improve their game.

Explore the collection of Cleveland 588 Tour Action Wedges at Next Round Golf today. Embrace the excellent precision and consistent performance these clubs offer and take your short game to the next level.