Collection: Callaway Sure Out Wedge

Designed to help you confidently navigate tricky greenside shots, the Callaway SURE OUT Wedge collection enhances control and forgiveness for a more successful round on the course.

Discover the confidence and control offered by the Callaway SURE OUT Wedges, now available at Next Round Golf. These wedges are specifically designed to enhance your ability to navigate difficult greenside shots, giving you the confidence to perform under pressure.

The standout feature of the SURE OUT Wedge is its innovative design, which provides a higher level of forgiveness, helping to ensure solid contact on every shot. It is equipped with a larger clubface and a wider sole, dramatically improving your performance on sand shots or shots from thick rough.

In addition, Callaway’s SURE OUT Wedges come with 17 full-face grooves and an aggressive groove pattern, which helps in generating spin, allowing you to control the ball effectively no matter what situation you find yourself in on the course. Whether you're facing a tricky chip or a high-pressure bunker shot, the SURE OUT wedge is designed to provide the optimal performance.

Experience the difference of playing with a Callaway SURE OUT Wedge. With its enhanced forgiveness and superior control, this wedge can help you elevate your game and take on any shot with confidence. Shop the collection at Next Round Golf today.