When should you replace your clubs?

Whether it is the end of the season or just the start, making the decision to replace your clubs is not one that most players take lightly. What important factors should you consider when thinking about getting new gear?

The first and most obvious thing to look for is damage and general wear to your clubs. Wedges and Irons are usually the first to wear out, and the biggest wear spot is the grooves. Can you still feel all of the grooves on the face? Are they will defined, or beginning to dull? The grooves and face milling on wedges and irons are there to increase control and spin. When they wear out, it can begin to impact your game.

For drivers, woods, and hybrids, the grooves are important for the same reasons. However, these clubs will also need to be replaced as you gain skill. Some of these longer clubs are made for certain things, and as you get better at golf you may want a club that offers more distance, draw/fade, or something with a stiffer shaft.

Putters, however, are almost all based on what you like. If your putter is working for you, it is pretty rare that you will need to replace it. At the same time, putters can be the most fun and satisfying replacement in your bag. 

We hope that this has helped you learn a bit more about when to replace your old gear. As always, Next Round Golf has replacements for all skill levels.


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