What is Bounce?

Choosing the right Bounce for you can matter greatly to your final scores. But what is bounce? In the most simple words, Bounce is the angle between the sole of a wedge and its leading edge. The lower the bounce, the more likely that your wedge will "dig in" to the ground before contact is made with the ball. And the higher the bounce, the more likely the wedge will "bounce" over the ground and make direct contact.

But how does that affect your game? It all depends on your swing. If you tend to take a lot of the ground with you and leave deep divots, you may want a higher bounce wedge to give you more control. If you leave to trace behind after your shot, consider a lower bounce wedge to cleanly lift the ball away from the turf.

Another thing to consider when thinking about bounce is the type of course that you play. If your normal course is very dry and hard, a low bounce wedge will give you the dig you need to make good contact. Whereas if you play in a damper climate, a high bounce wedge will prevent you from going too deep and misplaying your shot.

There are a lot of factors in choosing the right wedge, and we hope that this has helped clarify one of them. For more info, check our Knowledge Base for anything else you might need a refresher on.

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