Collection: Ping G20 Irons

Discover our extensive range of the Ping G20 Iron Set. Known for their multi-material cavity badge and wider sole, the Ping G20 irons offer golfers an exceptional blend of distance, control, and forgiveness.

Boost your golfing skills with the Ping G20 Iron Set from Next Round Golf. Designed for golfers seeking a unique blend of distance, control, and forgiveness, our collection of Ping G20 irons is ready to transform your golfing experience.

The Ping G20 irons, celebrated for their innovative multi-material cavity badge and wider sole, provide a level of distance and control that's truly extraordinary. This advanced design promotes more ball speed across the face, optimizes launch conditions, and ensures forgiveness, offering an impressive performance on the golf course.

Each iron in the G20 set is expertly engineered to amplify your game. Whether you're aiming for increased distance, improved control, or superior forgiveness, the Ping G20 Iron Set is designed to enhance your performance in all aspects.

At Next Round Golf, we're committed to providing the ideal golf equipment to meet your ambitions. Our assortment of used Ping G20 Iron Sets gives you the opportunity to experience the unique balance of distance, control, and forgiveness that these remarkable clubs deliver.

Embrace the superior performance of the Ping G20 Iron Set today. With the Ping G20 irons, you'll be armed with clubs that offer a perfect balance of performance and control. Experience the transformative power of the Ping G20 irons and prepare to elevate your golf game to the next level.